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Why Us?

Why Us?
Dimensionally Accuracy:
Conwed Ceilings are manufactured as per CAD designs of the establishment interiors, which barely leave any chances for inaccuracy. Conwed Metal Ceilings are manufactured using state of the art automated machines to give the best possible accuracy & finish.

Easy Installation and Uninstallation:
Conwed Metal Ceilings are prefabricated at Intersil manufacturing facility, which is as per requirement installed at the client''''s site. Conwed Metal Ceiling Systems are designed for quick and easy installation. Also, these prefabricated ceilings can be uninstalled easily. Contradictory POP cannot be removed and takes more than double the time.

Conwed Metal Ceilings are Eco-friendly as they can be reused and recycled. With most of the industries working towards to improve Carbon Credits and environmentally friendly products. Intersil''''s Conwed metal ceilings are long-lasting (15 to 20 years) and in case of the change in design, the metal ceilings can be recycled.

Choice of various finishes and designs:
Conwed Metal Ceilings are manufactured as per the clients’ choice of finishes and designs. The finishes can vary from glossy to matt, to wooden finish, etc along with colors of choice and requirement.

High Acoustical values due to perforations:
Conwed Metal Ceilings are most preferred for cinema halls and theaters all over. One of the most important features of cinema halls is to have very good acoustics and due to the presence of perforations along with Soundex Nonwoven Felt installed in the metal ceilings, it is easy to achieve the desirable NRC.

Since Conwed Ceilings are manufactured using durable metals like Aluminum and Steel. They have long shelf life, but in case of the change in interiors of the establishment, the ceilings can be recycled or reused. Also with more focus towards energy efficient buildings, the demand for Conwed Metal Ceilings has increased.

Easy Maintenance:
One of the most important feature of Conwed Metal Ceiling is that they are maintenance free.

Other Advantages of Metal Ceilings:
Good Aesthetics, Excellent Paint finishes & Paint Life especially as Conwed Metal Ceilings are manufactured by Coil Coated Steel & Aluminum. Conwed Metal Ceilings are virtually Maintenance free, Highly Durable, Termite-proof, Water Proof & corrosion Proof & Fire Retardant. Metal Ceilings are very easy for quick Installations since they are easy to remove & re-fix for accessing the ducting''''s / Electricals etc. above the ceilings.